Timberlake Road Turning Lane

Timberlake Road Turning Lane Improvement Project

In conjunction with the Wards Ferry Road Corridor Study, it was determined that the Timberlake Road and Leesville Road intersection would need to be reconstructed to assist in improving the traffic flow and ease congestion along Timberlake Road. After the improvements to the Timberlake/Logans Lane/Wards Ferry intersection were completed, the Timberlake Road and Leesville Road intersection was the next stage to be implemented according to the plan identified with the corridor study. The improvements to the intersection include added turn lanes on Timberlake Road - Westbound, an additional left turn lane onto Leesville Road, as well as a new right turn lane into the Richland Hills subdivision. The turn lane on Timberlake Road East onto Wards Ferry Road will also be extended. The project will also include improvements and additions to the stormwater/sewer, street signalization, crosswalks, sidewalks, pedestrian actuation and curb and gutter. The contract amount for this project is approximately $1.1 million.

Timberlake Road Turn Lanes

Project Schedule and City of Lynchburg Representatives

  • Begin Construction: December 2018
  • Complete Construction: August 2019
  • Project Manager: Ryan Roberts
  • Construction Coordinator: Don Dye
  • Engineering Consultant: Hurt and Proffitt
  • Contractor: Counts and Dobyns