Drinking Water Quality Report

At Lynchburg Water Resources, we are dedicated to providing safe and clean drinking water to more than 23,000 water customers in Lynchburg and parts of Amherst, Bedford, and Campbell counties. Our drinking water more than exceeds all state and federal regulations, in fact, for the past ten years, the City of Lynchburg has received the Virginia Department of Health's "Excellence in Waterworks Performance" award for producing drinking water that is at least three times cleaner than the EPA requirements.

Our main water source, the Pedlar Reservoir in Amherst County, is located thirty miles away from Lynchburg in the protected George Washington and Jefferson National Forests. Once this water leaves the Pedlar Reservoir, it travels to the College Hill and Abert Water Treatment Plants. Each year, our water plant operators and chemists perform over 130,000 water quality tests, testing for more than seventy types of contaminants such as lead, copper, chlorine, radium, coliform bacteria, and Cryptosporidium. With 24/7 operations, our team of experts work tirelessly to ensure that our drinking water is safe from source to tap.

If you would like to learn more about drinking water quality in the City of Lynchburg, view our annual reports