CSO 56


CSO 56 project has been completed.


Beginning in October 2020, Lynchburg Water Resources will begin construction on the Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) 56 Project. CSO 56 is located in the rear parking lot of the Piedmont Mills Lofts.

CSO 56 Project Area

About CSO

CSO stands for Combined Sewer Overflow - Combined Sewer systems are designed to collect stormwater and wastewater in the same pipe. During dry weather, these pipes transport all of the wastewater to the sewage treatment plant, where it is treated to strict standards before being discharged to the James River.

During periods of intense rainfall, however, the combined wastewater and stormwater volume in our combined sewer system can exceed the pipe's capacity. Originally designed in the early twentieth century (learn more about our history), our system occasionally overflows and discharges water to nearby streams or the James River. These overflows, called combined sewer overflows (CSOs) contain not only stormwater, but also untreated wastewater and debris collected from the streets.

Lynchburg has been working to alleviate the amount of pollution entering the James River from the overflow points by updating our infrastructure. You can learn more about our plan by visiting our Project Updates page.

CSO Illustration

CSO 56

CSO 56 is located in the rear parking lot of the Piedmont Mill Loft building. This is one of the largest remaining overflow points left in the City's CSO and handles the majority of downtown's stormwater, and because of the volume, this CSO cannot be eliminated. Through modeling and testing by the University of Iowa, we found that a larger vault was needed to deal with the amount of stormwater.

What's Being Done

Lynchburg Water Resources by way of a contractor, will be replacing the current vault with a larger vault with an improved design that will be better able to handle heavy water flow during rain events.

How Long It Will Last

October 2020 to September 2021

How It Will Affect Your Neighborhood

  • The rear parking lot of your building will be closed. To accommodate for the lost parking area, the City will be providing free permit parking.
  • The permit parking spots will be located on Horseford Road and in the parking lot on Jefferson Street across from Waterstone (see map below) for residents who are currently paying to park in the loft parking lot. Your current permits should be shown when parking in one of these spaces. The permit parking spaces will be first come, first serve for permit holders.
  • Parking enforcement staff will be monitoring the use of the new permit parking area and will ticket/tow vehicles accordingly. If you have any questions regarding permitting or enforcement during the project can contact Parking Management via phone at 434-455-4045 or through email.
    CSO 56 Parking
  • Construction work will be conducted Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm. Expect construction activity, heavy equipment, material storage, and excavations in the rear parking lot.
  • The contractor will be relocating the trash collection area.
  • Emergency vehicles will have access to the building at all times.