Blue Bags

About the Blue Bags

The specially marked 33-gallon blue bags are required for trash collection if you have overages of trash that won't fit in your trash cart or if you do not have a City-issued trash cart. The blue bags may be purchased at most grocery and convenience stores. The bags are packaged in rolls of five and cost $10/roll.

What Can Be Placed in a Blue Bag

You can place household trash and/or yard waste in the blue bag. Do not place hazardous waste, sharp objects, or liquids in the bag.

The City will continue to hold a Hazardous Waste Collection Day three times each year in April, June, and October at the Lynchburg Convenience Center on Concord Turnpike.

Where to Buy Blue Bags

Note: Blue Bag vendors are subject to change without notice and stock availability may differ by location.

7-Eleven 2311 Bedford Avenue
Richland Hills 767105 Timberlake Road
Fast Mart 1400 Campbell Avenue
Fast Mart 2101 12th Street
Food Lion 4925 Boonsboro Road
Food Lion 2225 Florida Avenue
Food Lion 18013 Forest Road, Forest
Food Lion 2909 Memorial Avenue
Food Lion 111 Seminole Drive
Food Lion 7105 Timberlake Road
Fort Food Mart2404 Fort Avenue
Kroger4119 Boonsboro Road 
Kroger7805 Timberlake Road 
Kroger 2012 Wards Road
Mr. Food1600 12th Street
Quik-E Food6015 Fort Avenue
Quik-E Food 1200 Lakeside Drive
Quik-E Food2200 Lakeside Drive
Quik-E Food2209 Wards Road 
Walmart3900 Wards Road
Z Market1401 Park Avenue
Walgreens5006 Boonsboro Rd
Mr. Food1600 12th St

Violation Notices

Anyone improperly setting out trash and/or not using a pre-paid bag for overages, will receive a violation notice. If the violation continues, the resident will be charged a minimum $25 fee.