Honorary Deputies

Lynchburg Sheriff Ron Gillispie appointed the following individuals as Honorary Deputy Sheriffs for the Lynchburg Sheriff's Office for their strong support of the Sheriff's Office, Public Safety and Law Enforcement in general.

  • T.C. Cochran - Businessman, previously appointed by Sheriff Lawrence Simpson, reappointed 2002 by Sheriff Gillispie.
  • Norman Brown - Businessman, Norman A. Brown Inspections appointed 2002
  • Honorable Edward M. Barksdale, Senior - Former council member, appointed 2004
  • Edward F. Sulzbach - Retired FBI Special Agent, appointed 2004
  • Nick Schill - Businessman, appointed 2004
  • D.F.(Mac) McCulloch - Retired Special Agent with the Virginia ABC Board, appointed 2006
  • Gordon "Jeep" Howell - Retired Banker, appointed 2006
  • Gene Saunders - Chief Executive Officer of Project Lifesaver International, appointed 2006
  • Stacy Compton - Race Car Driver; NASCAR, Craftsman Truck, Busch. Racing analyst for ESPN, appointed 2007
  • Edward Kassof - Retired New York Police Department (NYPD), Retired Air Force, currently Special Investigator for the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense, appointed 2008