Mission, Purpose & Values


  • To promote an atmosphere of safety and cooperation within the Judicial System for the citizens of Lynchburg, while providing a safe and secure environment for all judicial officers, victims, witnesses, jurors, visitors and defendants in order to maintain the sanctity of the courtroom process which promulgates justice for all.
  • To protect the citizens of Lynchburg through security measures involving medical evaluation and criminal transports and to respect the dignity and rights of all those transported.
  • To process and serve all civil matters in a timely manner ensuring and enforcing the rights of every citizen.
  • To discharge all obligations mandated by Federal, State and Local Laws, while maintaining professional standards and integrity in public service.


  • To provide our citizens and judicial system with qualified and competent services in public safety and security, while partnering with other law enforcement agencies and civic leaders within the Lynchburg community.
  • To utilize innovative and creative methods to educate, assist and involve the Lynchburg Sheriff's Office within the Lynchburg community.


  • Leadership: The Sheriff's Office directs safety, security and service for our citizens, courts and transports. We value competent and caring leadership demonstrated through teamwork, problem solving and community involvement. Innovative leadership directs the Sheriff's Office for the future, down the right path and doing the right things. We not only want to make good decisions, but we want to make the right decision. Competent leadership helps us to accomplish our mission and it is leadership you can trust.
  • Service: The Sheriff's Office dedication is to serve and service the Lynchburg community through teamwork. We value competent, professional and courteous service and security demonstrated through our staff. Our key service is public safety in the courts, in the city and to the citizens. We provide it with care and concern.
  • Order: The Sheriff's Office duties are to provide an orderly and safe environment for the uninhibited function of the judicial process. We value order in the performance and professionalism of our duties. Order demands standards of integrity and ethical behaviors by which we align our actions and access the accountability of those actions. Order provides structure and strength to all those engaged in protecting the constitutional rights of every individual.