Code & Regulations

The City of Lynchburg's Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program is the result of regulations written by the Virginia Department of Health's Waterworks Regulations and the International Plumbing Code. Both regulations state that the Water Purveyor must maintain a water system that eliminates any possible cross-connections and protects the connections that can't be eliminated.

Chapter 590 Article 3 of the Waterworks Regulations states "The purveyor shall not install, maintain, or allow to be installed a water service connection to any premises where cross connections to a waterworks or a consumer's water system may exist unless such cross connections are abated or controlled to the satisfaction of the water purveyor." Also stated in the regulations is "The water purveyor shall take positive action to ensure that the waterworks is adequately protected at all times."

Section 608 of the International Plumbing Code states "A potable water supply system shall be designed, installed and maintained in such a manner so as to prevent contamination from non-potable liquids, solids or gases being introduced into the potable water supply through cross connections or any other piping connections to the system."

On June 10, 2003, Lynchburg City Council approved an ordinance that addresses cross-connection control and backflow prevention. (Chapter 39; Article VI; Sec. 97-115).