Enjoy The Feast, Recycle The Grease


When fats, oils, and grease enter our sewer systems, they solidify in the sewer pipes, mixing with non-flushable items (like wet wipes and shop rags) to create "fatbergs" (like the one pictured below) that block the sewer lines and cause costly and unsafe overflows into backyards, forests, and streams that can harm the environment and public health. These fatberg clogs can be extremely difficult for utility workers to remove. One reason clogs due to fats, oils, and grease are so frustrating for utility workers is because they are entirely avoidable.

Grease Partial Blockage

There are a variety of ingredients that can contribute to Lynchburg's fatbergs including butter/lard, meat fats, grease, cooking oil, dairy products, waxes/petroleum lubricants, gravy/sauces, food scraps, icing, and salad dressing. Thankfully, fatbergs are entirely avoidable! To prevent our pipes from becoming clogged and causing costly environmental problems, simply place these ingredients in the trash instead of pouring down the drain.

Grease Can Lid

Interested in taking it one step further to make something good for the environment? Collect your leftover cooking oil, meat fats, grease, and butter/lard in a container with a lid (leftover sauce jars and cans work well), then bring it back to us to be recycled! The collected grease will then be recycled into an environmentally friendly biofuel by our local partner, Darton Environmental!

How to Recycle


After cooking, cool the oil or grease until you can pour it into a sealable plastic or glass container. Other ingredients like gravy, waxes, icing, and salad dressing can't be recycled into a biofuel, so continue to place those items in the trash and recycle the oil and grease!


Once the oil or grease is cool, pour it into a sealable container.


When your container is full, recycle it at our grease recycling center located at the Lynchburg Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility, Lynchburg Parks and Rec Neighborhood Centers, and Templeton Center. You can pick up a new can lid when you drop off your grease!

Grease Recycling Drop Off Locations

Find grease recycling drop-off locations around Lynchburg.