New Connections

Existing Connections

If you already have water and/or sewer connections on your property and simply need to set up the service in your name, please call the Utility Billing Department at 434-455-3840.

New Connections

The City installs new connections from its water and sewer mains to your property line. For a water connection, this means the "City side" of a water connection extends from the water main to the meter box. For a sewer connection, the "City side" extends from the sewer main to the city approved cleanout stub at your property line. You will need to furnish piping from your dwelling to the meter box or city approved cleanout stub. These lines, or service laterals, are also called the "Customer's side" of a Utility connection. Proper installation of these components ensures years of dependable, trouble free service!

To apply for a new water or sewer connection, please call the Water Resources Construction at 434-485-8310. You will need to bring a valid address and fill out an application form. If your property is under construction, you will need to meet with City Inspections, located on the second floor of City Hall to be issued a property address prior to applying for a water and/or sewer connection.

After completing the application process, you will be given a quotation of services and fees to have the work performed. (On this page you can find a chart for a listing of current connection fees.) Payment of these fees needs to be made with Billings and Collections located on the first floor of City Hall. After payment or payment arrangements have been made, you will receive a validated application and payment receipt.

Payment initiates Water Resource personnel to schedule and perform the City side service connections. The standard amount of time to complete the installation of a new service connection(s) is approximately 3 weeks. If the request is considered an emergency due to a sewer problem/backup, installation may be completed within 1 to 3 business days.

At the point that the connections are in place, Billings and Collections will set up a billing account for service.

Once the new City side water and sewer connections are in place, you need to obtain a plumbing permit from the inspection office (located on the second floor of City Hall) to have the customer side plumbing installed. Inspections will log your permit and perform the necessary inspections to ensure that all plumbing work meets City Code. Once your plumber completes any customer-side work, You're Connected!

Water & Sewer Connection Services & Fees

If your residence or business does not have a connection to Lynchburg's water and sewer systems, then you may qualify to connect to the system. To find out if you qualify for this service, review the information above regarding new connections or contact the Water Resources Construction office via phone at 434-485-8310.

Description (Connection Fees Only)
Fees July 1, 2016  (FY 2017)
Water (3/4-inch service, 5/8-inch meter)
Water (1-inch service, 5/8-inch meter)
Water (1-inch service, 1-inch meter)
Greater than 1 inch (cost plus 15%)
$1,400 minimum
Sewer (4-inch diameter house building sewer)
Sewer Larger than 4-inch diameter building sewer (cost plus 15%)
$1,450 minimum

Note: Availability fees are charged in addition to Connection Fees. To determine the total cost, please call the Map Room at 434-485-8310.