Randolph-Savoy Sewer Interceptor Replacement Project

  • When: September 7, 2021, until June 2023
  • Contractor: Counts and Dobyns, Inc.
  • Subcontractor: Webb Boring

Project Updates

Randolph Savoy Why Graphic


  • Primary construction is located in the Blackwater Creek Natural Area off East Randolph Place parking lot (reopening May 2023)
  • Construction will also be located off Sumpter Street and Norfolk Avenue Pond, along the creek
  • Impacts include closing a section of the Blackwater Creek Bike Trail near the East Randolph Place Entrance
  • The off-road Beaver Trail will be closed
  • Contractors will be using Blackwater Run subdivision to access the construction area to clear and log heavy timber for the first month of the project. This subdivision is currently under development. Elmwood Avenue is the planned access route for logging operations.


Project scope summary includes replacement of:

  • 905 feet of 12 inch sewer pipe
  • 504 feet of 8 inch sewer pipe
  • 2, 30" jack and bores (540LF) underneath the bike trail
  • 3 acres of heavy clearing inside the Natural area
  • 15 manholes
  • Possible blasting of rocks
  • 4 Stream Crossings
  • By-Pass Pumping Operations
  • Aerial Crossing of Blackwater Creek


For your safety, please honor trail-closed signs.

When the Randolph-Savoy project starts in September, the paved trail around Randolph Place Trail Head will be closed for roughly 90 days. As long as no major damage is done by the construction after the first 90 days, the paved trail will be re-opened with short closures for the movement of materials into the construction area. The East Randolph Place Trail Head and Parking Lot will be closed for the 15-month project as it needs to be used as a construction lay-down area. The Beaver Creek Trail area will be closed for the roughly 15-month process of construction.

Randolph Savoy trail

Trail Improvements

Lynchburg Parks and Recreation is partnered with Lynchburg Water Resources to make sure this project doesn't just improve the sewer system, but also the trails in the area. We will be utilizing the construction roads and clearing to expand and improve Beaver Trail after it re-opens. This includes new creek crossings, expansion of the trail, and more! This will make Beaver Trail better for more people and it will add to the total distance of the trail.


  • Trail Questions - Christopher Higgins, Phone: 434-455-5876, or email
  • General Questions - Jerry Griffin, Jr., Phone: 434-455-4226, or email