Illicit Discharge


An Illicit discharge is any discharge coming from any land use that is not composed entirely of stormwater and entering the stormwater management system. These pollutants enter directly into creeks, streams, ponds and lakes. Understanding illicit discharges can help prevent water pollution and keep our streams and river clean!

To report potential illicit discharges, improper disposals, spills to the MS4, complaints regarding land disturbing activities, or other potential stormwater concerns please see the table below for contact information.

Report Illicit Discharge

If this is an emergency or a situation needs immediate response, please call 911 immediately!

  • Illicit Discharge, Improper Disposal, Spills to the MS4 or Other Potential Stormwater Pollution Concerns
    • Call 434-455-4250
  • Complaints Regarding Land Disturbing Activities - Lynchburg Community Development
    • Call 434-455-3900

Septic Systems

No DumpingThe Virginia Department of Health regulates septic systems. Failing septic systems have a negative impact on water quality and human health. For more information on how to properly maintain your septic system, visit the Virginia Department of Health page or contact them directly at 804-864-7470.

Remember, only rain down the drain!