Building Code Appeals Board


Meetings scheduled as needed when a ruling on a building or fire code is requested.


  • Andrew Flint, Builder - Ward 1
  • Cecil Jackson, Citizen Member - Ward 1
  • Bruce Rhodes, Realtor - Ward 1
  • Mark W. Smith, Architect - Ward 1
  • Jody Miller, Citizen Member - Ward 4
  • Vacant, Property Manager
  • Vacant, Engineer

If qualified volunteers are available the members of the board shall include one member who is a licensed architect, one member who is a licensed engineer, one member who is an insurance professional, two members from the professional building trades, one experienced property manager and one citizen member from the city at-large. In the event qualified volunteers for one or more of the designated categories of members are not available, City Council shall select at-large members on the basis of their ability to render fair and competent decisions regarding the application of the building and fire codes. At least 1 member of the board should be an experienced builder and 1 member a licensed professional engineer or architect and one member an experienced property manager.

Board members are appointed in September.