Wastewater Treatment PlantThe Lynchburg Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility is located on 27 acres off Concord Turnpike in the City of Lynchburg. Operations are run twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by operators and supervisors, laboratory personnel, chemists, maintenance and grounds staff. Twenty-nine buildings with over 500 pieces of equipment make up the fifteen processes that are used in the treatment of sewage that arrives at the plant each day. The plant treats an average of 13 million gallons a day with a peak of 80 million gallons. It serves the City of Lynchburg as well as the Counties of Amherst, Bedford and Campbell. Everything that leaves homes, businesses, industries, hospitals, and storm drains enters the sewer collection systems and eventually arrives at the treatment plant.

After completing the treatment process, the liquid discharges to the James River with the process residuals (solids) being disposed of at the Regional landfill in Lynchburg or a private landfill in Amelia. The primary objectives of the Regional Water Resource Recovery Facility are to provide the highest quality treatment at the lowest cost; to protect the safety of the public using water for consumption, recreation and other purposes; and to protect the environment for other life (fish, etc.) and future generations.