Bridges to Progress

Beginning in 2013, more than 1,000 people from area communities, businesses, schools, and local government agencies attended trainings to learn about poverty and its causes. The training concepts are from the book, Bridges Out of Poverty, by Dr. Ruby Payne.

Merger of Bridges of Central Virginia and Poverty to Progress

  • In early 2018, City approached Bridges of Central Virginia (BOCV) to discuss better coordination of initiatives.
  • BOCV executive committee and City leadership met over the spring/summer of 2018 to discuss possibility/feasibility of merger.
  • City leadership and BOCV Executive Committee agreed to bring back the structure of the merger to their respective groups to gain approval. BOCV gained this approval at their next 90-day meeting.
  • The two groups merged in the fall of 2018 to form Bridges to Progress.
  • BOCV and P2P (Poverty to Progress) had some of the same committees and some that were different. The merger created 10 taskforces.

For more information about these two initiatives, view the How We Got Here Document (PDF).