Towing Advisory Board


  • As needed


  • Chuck Cramer, Jr., City of Lynchburg Fleet Director
  • Todd Davis, Fire Captain 
  • Kevin Zimmerman, Emergency Services 
  • Adam Sexton, Police Lieutenant
  • Andrew Turner, Police Sergeant
  • Mark Hudson, Ward 4
  • Robert B. Taylor Jr, Ward 2
  • Kelly Currier, Ward 1 

Voting Members

  • 1 firefighter/emergency medical technician from the Lynchburg Fire Department
  • 1 communications specialist from the Lynchburg Emergency Services Department
  • 1 representative from the Lynchburg Fleet Services Department
  • 2 law-enforcement officers from the Lynchburg Police Department
  • 2 representatives from private towing and recovery operators
  • 2 representatives from the general public

Non-Voting Members (City Staff Liaisons)

  • 1 member from the Lynchburg Financial Services Procurement Division
  • 1 member from the Lynchburg Public Works Department
  • 1 member from the Lynchburg Community Development Department

Please note: Members are appointed in December.


The Towing Advisory Board shall 

  1. Work with the Lynchburg Financial Services Procurement Division in: 
    1. The procurement of City towing services
    2. Evaluating proposals for such services
    3. Negotiating a contract for such services
  2. Provide a written recommendation to the Lynchburg City Council for a provider and contract for City towing services
  3. Perform any other services/actions required by applicable law