Electoral Board, Staff and Officers of Election


Citizens may attend in person or by Zoom. Please contact the Registrar's Office by email up to an hour before the meeting to request the Zoom link and passcode.

The Electoral Board Meetings are now being recorded and can be viewed online.

The Circuit Court appoints the three-member Electoral Board on recommendations from the local political parties. Two Electoral Board members represent the current governor’s political party, while the third member represents the party with the second-highest number of statewide votes in the last gubernatorial election. The chairman and secretary must represent different political parties, unless the minority party member has agreed otherwise.

Current Electoral Board members are:

  • David Levy :  Chairman
  • Steven Troxel : Vice Chairman
  • Betty Gibbs : Secretary

The Electoral Board

  • Appoints the election officers who work at the Election Day polls
  • Maintains accurate minutes and election records
  • Performs other specific duties as prescribed by the Code of Virginia or directed by the Virginia Department of Elections
  • Delegates many of the day-to-day tasks performed in conjunction with these duties to the registrar and the registrar's staff

Click here to be directed to electoral board meeting information and minutes.

Director of Elections & Staff

General Registrar and Director of Elections:  Daniel Pense

The general registrar, in his or her capacity of director of elections:

  • Must be a resident of the City of Lynchburg
  • Can't hold other elected or appointed offices or participate in partisan political activities
  • Hires assistant registrars and other employees required to run the office
  • Performs other specific duties as delegated by the Electoral Board or prescribed by the Code of Virginia or directed by the Virginia Department of Elections