Jury Duty

Jury Duty

Jury Duty Information

 Juries are held for both civil and criminal trials. If you are summonsed for jury duty, your term lasts for the entire month. 

Virginia Jury Duty Orientation Video

VA Answer Book for Jury Service  (Please note, since July 1, 2023 jurors are compensated at a rate of $50 per day)

Jury Duty Schedule Conflicts

If you have any scheduled conflicts during your month term such as a prepaid vacation or medical appointments, you must contact the Clerk's Office to see if your jury term can be adjusted to accommodate your schedule. This must be submitted when you first receive your summons as there is not as much flexibility to accommodate schedule changes once your month's term is in progress. The Clerk's Office requires documentation of pre-planned commitments, medical appointments or other schedule conflicts. Typically, jurors are not excused for work or school, though you may contact the Clerk's Office and sometimes accommodations can be made on a case by case basis. 

Jury Hotline

You should call the jury hotline only the evening before and early the morning of each report date you are given. The auto-mated hotline will advise you if the jury schedule is still scheduled or if it has been cancelled. (434) 455-2626. This number is also included in your informational letter. (Do not call the jury hotline every day as there are several pools of jurors each month and this will lead to confusion about your report date.)  

Jury Packet

You will receive a packet of information from the Lynchburg City Sheriff's Department by mail or by sheriff's service.  If the Lynchburg City Sheriff's Department notifies you by phone of your jury service they will give you the first report date over the phone.  If you are notified of your jury term by sheriff's service, you will receive a summons with your first report date. The packet will include the following information: