Who is being prosecuted at the present time?

Please check out the court dates section of our website.

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1. What if someone threatens me?
2. Who pays for travel expenses for a victim or witness who does not live in the Lynchburg area?
3. I can't afford to pay the medical expenses that resulted from this crime. What compensation is available to me?
4. What resources are available in the community to assist me?
5. I am the victim in a criminal case. How do I find out who will be prosecuting my case?
6. I feel that a crime has been committed. What should I do? Do I report the crime directly to the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office?
7. Who is being prosecuted at the present time?
8. Can you tell me when a court event is scheduled?
9. Can I talk to Mrs. Harrison? I think she is the person working on my case since her name appears on my court documents.