How will the work area be left everyday?

The contractor will close and temporarily fill all trenches or place barricades around open excavations. Equipment will be stored alongside the road if space permits or taken back to the lay-down area overnight. Construction sites are very dangerous! Please take extra precautions with small children or elderly residents. Do not allow any play around the sites.

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1. What is the nature of CSO construction?
2. When will construction begin in my area?
3. What is the project completion date?
4. Will my street receive curb and gutter?
5. Will my street be repaved?
6. Will I be able to get in and out of my street?
7. Will trees be removed?
8. Will the contractor plant grass seed?
9. Will I be able to use the plumbing in my home during construction?
10. What is this (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white) paint on my (grass, sidewalk, drive) and can it be removed?
11. What is an easement?
12. What happens to the trees cut along the sewer line?
13. What will work along an easement look like during and after construction?
14. What is a pipe liner?
15. At the present I only have on-street parking. Where do I park during construction?
16. Will the new water lines increase the water pressure?
17. How will the work area be left everyday?
18. I feel my house vibrating when the contractor uses explosives, a vibrating compactor, or a mechanical/hydraulic jack hammer. Will this cause damage to my house?
19. What is the City’s policy regarding damage to my property, vehicles, and health?