If the deceased died with a will, what will be needed?

The following is needed:

  • The original will (Probate Clerk may want to see the will to make a determination that it is a self-proven will)
  • The original death certificate
  • Names, addresses, and ages of all heirs-at-law. (heirs-at-law are not necessarily the beneficiaries of the will) heirs-at-law are determined by kinship to the deceased and are set by Virginia law
  • The executor named in the will. If the executor resides outside Virginia, the person who wishes to be appointed must bring a Virginia resident to the appointment to either co-qualify or be designated as a registered agent. If the executor named in the will does not wish to serve, a waiver of qualification is required. There may be additional requirements when the named executor declines to serve. Call for further information.
  • The value of the estate solely owned by the deceased, bank accounts, stock, bonds, automobiles, etc. The value of real estate located in Virginia must pass through probate. Do not add anything that is jointly owned, paid on death, or beneficiary.
  • The probate taxes are due the day you qualify and may be paid by cash, check, or credit card. A convenience fee is charged for credit or debit card transactions.

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