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Fire Station 1 - Clay Street

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Currently located at 800 Clay Street, Station Number 1 is the home to Engine 1, Truck 1, Battalion 1, Medic 1, Boat 3 and 4, and the Technical Rescue Team Trailer. In addition to these fire units, Station Number 1 is also the home to Fire Administration.

Over the years, Station Number 1 has had several locations, all within a ½ mile radius of one another. When the Fire Department was organized in1883, Station 1 was located at 512 5th Street. It was relocated to 9th and Church Streets and again re-located to 301 5th Street. In 1980 the present Station Number 1 was built at 801 Clay Street.

In addition to Engine 1 and Truck 1, Station 1 has housed several other companies over the years. Originally in 1883, the chief of the department stayed at Number 1 fire station and that trend has carried on through out the years. The Assistant Chief of the department was also stationed at station 1. Although these men held the title of Assistant Chief, their duties are not like those of the current day's Assistant Chief. The responsibilities of the Assistant chief during these days was more in line with the duties of the current day's Battalion Chiefs, who are responsible for the day-to-day activities of the department and daily fire ground operations. Currently there are 3 Battalion Chiefs stationed at Station Number 1 - 1 per shift A, B and C.

Following the formation of EMS within the Fire Department, one of the first two medic units placed in service was Medic 1. Medic 1 was placed in service in 1976 at the old fifth street fire station at 301 5th street. Over the years Medic 1 has played a vital role in the provision of EMS in the City of Lynchburg in that until 1978 it, along with Medic 6, were the only Medic units in the city and until the early 1990's, Medic 1 still responded out Rivermont Avenue as far as Rivermont Terrace. Today Medic 1 has full Advanced Life Support capabilities and is an integral part of the newly formed Technical Rescue Team housed at Station 1.

Placed in service in 1947, Engine Company 7, which is currently housed at its own station on Lakeside Drive, has its origins at Station 1. Following the city's annexation of he Old Forest Road area in 1976, it was determined that the city would need another fire station in this area. Therefore, in 1980, Engine 7 moved out of Station 1 to the new station on Lakeside Drive.