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Fire Station 5 - Boonsboro Road

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Currently located at 4800 Boonsboro Road, Station 5 is the current home to Engine 5. Placed in service in 1904 at the new Station 5 located at 1212 Rivermont Avenue, Engine 5 was utilized to provide fire protection to the newly formed Rivermont section of the city.

Following the closure of the original Station 4, Engine 4 was re-located to Rivermont Avenue and Station 5 was re-numbered as Station 4. Engine 4 and Engine 5 would share these quarters until a new Station 5 was built in 1971.

In the early 1970s, Chief Jennings found that with the expansion of the Boonsboro section of the city, fire protection responding from Rivermont Avenue was not adequate. With this need apparent, Chief Jennings built a new Station 5 at 4800 Boonsboro Road. For several years following the introduction of EMS in to the fire department, Station 5 was the home to Medic 5. Following the construction of a new Station 4 in 1991, this medic unit was re-located to this station and is currently in service as Medic 4.

Station 5 is currently the home to Engine 5, Medic 5, and Engine 11.