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  1. City of Lynchburg Public Comment
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    Public Comment shall be for the purpose of allowing members of the public to present any matter, which, in their opinion, deserves the attention of the Council. They shall not serve as a forum for debate with the Council.

    Remarks shall be addressed directly to the Council and not to City staff, the audience, or the media.

    Deadline for sign-up: The Friday preceding the Council meeting by noon.

  3. Acknowledgement - Three Month Rule*
  4. Decorum & Prohibited Content

    All persons appearing before the Council or in the Council Chamber while a meeting of the Council is in session will not be allowed to: campaign for public office; promote private business ventures; use profanity or vulgar language or gestures; use language which insults or demeans any person or which, when directed at a public official or employee, is not related to his or her official duties, however, citizens have the right to comment on the performance, conduct, and qualifications of public figures; make non-germane or frivolous statements; interrupt other speakers or engage in behavior that disrupts the meeting, including but not limited to, applause, cheers, jeers, etc.; engage in behavior that intimidates others; or, address the Council on issues that do not concern the services, policies, or affairs of the Council or the City.

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