About Us

The Fleet Services Department was established in 2000 and is responsible for all fleet asset matters. Fleet assets consist of vehicles and other equipment used by city agencies while providing services relating to the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Lynchburg. All major maintenance services are provided using city staff and facilities except for certain contracted services such as accident repairs, towing, parts management, and specialized equipment service.

Maintenance services are available from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Fuel is obtained from city-owned facilities using an automated fuel management system and is available around the clock. Used vehicles and equipment are sold to the public by auctions. Sealed-bid auctions are usually conducted by Fleet Services once a year. Online auctions are conducted by internet service providers specializing in selling governmental property.

Director                                                                                            Assistant Director

Chuck Cramer, Jr., CAFM                                                               Robin Meritt, CAFM
Certified Automotive Fleet Manager                                           Certified Automotive Fleet Manager
charles.cramer@lynchburgva.gov                                               robin.meritt@lynchburgva.gov
(434) 455-4429                                                                             (434) 455-4426


Shop Operations Supervisor                                                        Fleet Coordinator

Lewis Jones                                                                                    Roberta Wright, CEM
ASE Certified Master Technician, Automotive                          Certified Equipment Manager
ASE Certified Master Technician, Truck                                     roberta.wright@lynchburgva.gov
lewis.jones@lynchburgva.gov                                                     (434) 455-4431
(434) 455-4428


Operations Analyst

Andrew Finch, CAFM
Certified Automotive Fleet Manager
(434) 455-4432



Paul Campbell                                                                                   Mark Munson
Lead Technician                                                                                ASE Certified World Class Technician
ASE Certified Master Technician, Automotive                              mark.munson@lynchburgva.gov
paul.campbell@lynchburgva.gov                                                   (434) 455-4425
(434) 455-4425


Myles Ritter                                                                                       Stuart Clark
ASE Certified Master Technician, Automotive                             Master Technician
myles.ritter@lynchburgva.gov                                                       stuart.clark@lynchburgva.gov
(434) 455-4425                                                                               (434) 455-4425


Bill Berry                                                                                           Danny Eubank
Journey Technician                                                                          Journey Technician
bill.berry@lynchburgva.gov                                                           danny.eubank@lynchburgva.gov
(434) 455-4425                                                                               (434) 455-4425                                


Michael Fernandez                                                                          Jacob Kennedy
Apprentice Technician                                                                    Apprentice Technician
michael.fernandez@lynchburgva.gov                                          jacob.kennedy@lynchburgva.gov
(434) 455-4425                                                                               (434) 455-4425


Todd Rose
Apprentice Technician
(434) 455-4425