Billing Information


For all billing related questions, please contact the Billing Department directly at 434-455-3840.


Current Water and Sewer Rates As of July 1, 2020
Water (volume charge/hcf*) $2.68
Sewer (volume charge/hcf*) $6.14
*HCF, or unit, is equivalent to 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons. 


Meter Size Monthly Service Charge
5/8" $7.69
3/4" $9.69
1" $13.69
1-1/2" $23.69
2" $35.69
3" $63.69
4" $123.69
6" $243.69
8" $363.69
10" $603.69


Water and Sewer Bill


** If you receive a bill that is printed on yellow paper, please pay immediately to avoid having your service terminated/cut-off.


Your water account will be billed once a month. Your due date will be at least 21 days from the date billed each month. Your bill will include, current meter reading and date read, previous meter reading, billed consumption. 
Your bill will generally be broken up into the following four parts: Water, Sewer, Account Charge, and Stormwater.


National statistics show the average person uses 3 HCF (hundred cubic feet) or 2244 gallons of water a month. To find your estimated monthly average usage in HCF or gallons, simply multiply the number of people in your household by three or 2224 respectively. The City of Lynchburg bills your account at the rate of 1 unit per HCF. Please refer to rates to calculate an average bill for your account. Please note that this is an average, and the number of people in your household may also reflect guests and visitors.

Payment Options

Online Payments via Credit Card

When making online payments, you will need your account and customer numbers from your bill. Payments can be made by Visa or MasterCard with a credit or debit card.  Please allow three business days for your online payment to post to your City of Lynchburg utility account.
You will be charged a processing fee of 2.25% of the amount you are paying for each transaction you make. This fee is a convenience fee charged by Vipnet, our online credit card processing provider. The fee is not assessed by the City of Lynchburg.

Online Payments via E-Checks

E-Checks are now available for utility bill payments on CityLink. You may make one time payments or register in order to make payments to your account on a regular basis.  E-Check information can not be provided by telephone and customers will not be able to pay by E-Check at the teller windows. You must perform the electronic E-Check payment on CityLink only.
There is no fee for E-Checks payments.

Automated Bank Draft payments

The City of Lynchburg Billings and Collections Division is pleased to offer an Automated Direct Payment Program for our customers. Since this is designed to electronically draft funds from your bank on the due date, this program provides a convenient and reliable method of paying your utility account for water and sewer.
To participate in the automated direct payment program complete the information requested and sign the authorization form, attach a VOIDED CHECK from your personal bank account, and return both to the Billings and Collections, Utility Billing office (see address below).
The Utility Billing office will process your request upon receipt. The next utility bill issued by this office must be paid in full by the customer. The Utility Billing office sends a payment verification transaction (pre-note) to your bank on this bill and no money will be collected by bank draft. On the second bill after you have presented the authorization form your bill will include a message “Bank Draft –Do Not Pay”. Your bank account will be drafted on the due date for amount reflected on the bill.
All customers are required to provide written notification thirty days (30) prior to your bill due date, of any bank account changes or if you no longer elect to participate in the Automated Direct Payment Program.
If your bank rejects the utility payment draft for any reason, you are required to pay by cash or money order to the Billings and Collections teller in City Hall the amount of the draft, a service fee, and the security deposit. Your water service is subject to disconnect; on the next business day after notification is sent by your bank that the draft has been rejected. Additional fees will apply if your water service is terminated. It is very important for you to contact the Utility Billing Office regarding any problems with your payment. We will also advise you on the status of future bank drafts. If you have any questions or concerns about the Automated Direct Payment Plan, please contact Utility Billing at 434-455-3840.
If you choose to pay a past due water cut off notice online, please be advised that if your payment does not post to your account by 5:00 PM on the due date you will be subject to all applicable fees and penalties.

Payment Address

When mailing your payment, please include the payment stub from your bill along with your account and customer number written on your check or money order. Payments should be mailed to:
City of Lynchburg
Utility Billing - Payment Processing Center
P.O. Box 9000
Lynchburg, VA 24505
Please note that mailing a payment without a payment stub from the bill could delay the posting of the payment to your account. When mailing your payment without the payment stub from your bill, please write the account and customer number on your check or money order and mail to:
City of Lynchburg
Utility Billing - Billing Office
P.O. Box 1237
Lynchburg, VA 24505

Delinquent/Cut off Accounts

You must pay your Cut Off Notice at the teller window inside of City Hall no later than 5:00 PM on the due date to insure your water service will not be disconnected. We are located at: 900 Church St, Lynchburg, VA 24504.


If your usage fluctuates without justification, you may want to check for leaks. A toilet leak can cause your usage to increase and cost you money. The best way to check for toilet leaks is to perform a simple dye test as follows: Place something with color in the toilet tank. This can be anything visible such as drink mix, soft drink, coffee, food coloring, or dye tabs. Do not flush the toilet for at least fifteen minutes. If the colored water flows from the tank into the bowl without you flushing, then you have a leak. You may need to replace the flap or adjust the float in the tank.

Underground Leaks

To determine if you have an underground leak, you will need to cut off the main water valve inside of your home or crawlspace. This stops the water from coming past the cut off valve and into your home. Visually inspect your water meter dial. You should see a small blue or red triangle. The triangle is the flow indicator, and if turning indicates that water is passing thru the meter. If you have cut off the main valve inside of the house, this is an indication of an underground leak between the meter and the home. This is considered to be a 'Property Leak' and is the responsibility of the owner to repair or have repaired. 

Consumption Graph

While the City of Lynchburg only bills in whole HCF (Hundred Cubic Feet) units, you may find your graph legend displaying fractions of a unit. This is a result of the graph scaling to fit your specific usage history. The graph is for visual reference of your usage history, and specific usage information can be found on your utility bill. Please feel free to contact the Utility Billing Department with any questions you may have.

Contact Us

For questions regarding your bill, or information displayed on this website, please call the City of Lynchburg Utility Billing Department at 434-455-3840, or stop by City Hall located at 900 Church St, in Lynchburg VA. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM except for most major holidays.