Blackwater CSO Tunnel

Public Meeting:

A public meeting was held at the Lynchburg Grand Hotel on Monday, September 18th at 6:30pm. Click here to view the presentation.



The City of Lynchburg’s CSO Program has been in place for nearly four decades and has greatly improved the water quality in the streams in Lynchburg and the James River. To date, this project has eliminated 117 of the 132 overflow points and reduced the overflow volume and pollutant load by over 93%. 

The Blackwater CSO Tunnel Construction Project will be the largest capital project the City has ever done, and it will be the most impactful project to restore the water quality of Blackwater Creek and the James River. 

What To Expect:

At the meeting on September 18, there will be a short presentation providing a brief history of the CSO, an overview of the project and the associated water quality and other community benefits. There will also be a discussion regarding the potential impacts of construction activities including traffic, noise, public use of the Point of Honor Trail and the disposal of construction spoils. There will then be an opportunity for attendees to ask questions and provide comments.