Blue Ridge Farms

Phase 4 - Blue Ridge Farms

When: April 2022 to October 2023

Virtual Meeting:
March 10, 2022

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  • F.L. Showalter, Inc.


  • Draper Aden Associates


  • Ashbourne Drive from Craigmont to Tenbury, Tenbury Drive, Tunbridge Road, Ramsgate Lane, and Donington Court
  • Additional storm work on Dandridge Drive, Ardmore Drive, and connecting streets in the previous phases of the Blue Ridge Farms subdivision
  • All work performed on City right-of-way or sanitary and storm easements


  • 5,600 LF of 8” water main replacement
  • Rehabilitation of 5,300 LF of sanitary sewer
  • Replacement of 700 LF of sanitary sewer
  • Rehabilitation of 2,100 LF of storm sewer
  • Replacement of 1,600 LF of storm sewer
  • Construction of 1 regenerative stormwater outfall
  • Installation of 2,100 LF of new sidewalk
  • 16,000 SY of asphalt pavement overlay