Building Code Appeals Board


Considers variances, changes or adjustments in the City Building Code or the Fire Prevention Ordinance; hears appeals from owners of buildings and determines whether such buildings should be repaired, vacated or demolished in compliance with Code requirements.


Meetings scheduled as needed when a ruling on a building or fire code is requested.


Andrew Flint
Builder - Ward 1
Cecil Jackson
Citizen Member - Ward 1
Jody Miller
Citizen Member - Ward 4
Bruce Rhodes
Realtor - Ward 1
Mark W. Smith
Architect - Ward 1
Property Manager

As of 10/30/2020

Liaison: Doug Saunders:  434-455-3925

Community Development Department Director: Kent White

Membership: If qualified volunteers are available the members of the board shall include one (1) member who is a licensed architect, one (1) member who is a licensed engineer, one (1) member who is an insurance professional, two (2) members from the professional building trades, one (1) experienced property manager and one (1) citizen member from the city at-large.  In the event qualified volunteers for one or more of the designated categories of members are not available, City Council shall select at-large members on the basis of their ability to render fair and competent decisions regarding the application of the building and fire codes.  At least 1 member of the board should be an experienced builder and 1 member a licensed professional engineer or architect and one (1) member an experienced property manager.

September appointment