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    (Updated April 7, 2021)

    Due to Coronavirus, COVID-19, the Supreme Court of Virginia has issued a judicial emergency through May 9, 2021 for all Circuit Courts in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Part of this order advises individuals not to enter a building if they have, within the previous 14 days:

    • traveled internationally;
    • been asked to quarantine, isolate, or self-monitor by any doctor, hospital, or health agency;
    • been diagnosed with, or have had contact with, anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19;
    • experienced a fever, cough, or shortness of breath;
    • resided with, or been in close contact with, any person in the above-mentioned categories

    Effecitve immediately, per the Governor’s Order, a face covering is required to enter this building.  Additionally, a bailiff will take your temperature upon entering. To enter the building, you MUST have a temperature reading lower than 100.4 and wear a mask or face covering. Otherwise you will need to conduct business through remote means.  Thank you for your understanding amidst unique and challenging circumstances related to COVID-19.

    In order to facilitate this, the following changes are being implemented until further notice:

    • We require that all customers and attorneys entering the building wear a mask, bandana or face covering. You will also be subject to a temperature check upon entering the building. All who enter the building must have a temperature reading below 100.4 and must be wearing a mask or a face covering, otherwise they will need to conduct business remotely. 
    • An inbox is available in the front vestibule office entrance for “drop-offs” of general mail, filings, and recordings that are not time sensitive during business hours only.  Staff will check this box regularly and process work accordingly.
    • The land records room is currently open, however, e-recordings of land records are accepted and encouraged through Simplifile.
    • Credit card convenience fees are reinstated as of July 1, 2020. ($2 convenience fee applies on transactions $50 and under, and 4% fees on transactions above $50). 
    • Copies of marriage licenses, divorce decrees, orders, or other documents may be requested by phone and can be mailed or sent electronically.
    • Parties to a case who need information such as court dates and court orders are encouraged to call the Criminal Division at 434-455-2697 or Civil Division at 434-455-2620, option 2, if they cannot contact their attorney.
    • Attorneys and their staff are encouraged to seek access to the Secure Remote Access (SRA) system and Officer of the Court Remote Access (OCRA) system for routine copies for all non-sealed civil and criminal court records.
    • SRA and OCRA purchases and renewals are back to normal.  During COVID-19 we offered free and extended existing accounts 90 days and that 90 day period has expired. 
    • Concealed handgun permit applications may be submitted via U.S. mail with a copy of your Driver’s License (or old concealed permit if a renewal) and copy of your completed Virginia Concealed Permit Safety Certification or will be taken in our office, by appointment.  Please refer to the Virginia State Police website www.vsp.virginia.gov for an application and further information.
    • We are taking passport applications on a walk-in basis. 

    Scheduling Appointments

    • Criminal Division - (434) 455-2697
    • Civil Division - (434) 455-2620; option 1
    • Probate Division - (434) 455-2617
    • Deeds / Land Records - (434) 455-2620; option 4
    • Fines / Costs - (434) 455-2620; option 2
    • Judgments / Notaries - (434) 455-2620; option 2
    • Marriage Licenses - (434) 455-2620
    • All Other Services - (434) 455-2620

    Please refer to our website www.lynchburgva.gov/circuit-court or contact us by phone at 434-455-2620 with questions. Also, connect with us on Facebook.

    Lynchburg Circuit Court would recommend you utilize online services: