Comprehensive Plan

Winter 2023-2024 Update

The City of Lynchburg is currently in the process of updating the Comprehensive Plan. 

The Comprehensive Plan will build on recent and on-going efforts, such as the City’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan, Downtown 2040 Master Plan, and Diamond Hill Neighborhood Plan. The Comprehensive Plan will also be largely based on direct community input, with opportunities for community engagement beginning in September 2023 and running through December 2023.

Please visit to learn more, fill out our Community Survey, and map your ideas!

The Comprehensive Plan establishes a clear vision for the future of Lynchburg, identifies goals towards achieving that vision, creates policy guidance for public and private decision-makers, and identifies tasks that need to be pursued to make the Plan's vision and goals a reality. Building on the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan document, the following areas of the city have specific planning documents that have been adopted by the Lynchburg City Council as more detailed subsets of the Comprehensive Plan.

Current Planning Efforts

The City is currently working with the following neighborhood to develop a specific area plan: 




    Citizens First Customer Service: (434) 856-CITY 
    Rachel Frischeisen, Interim City Planner (maintains plan)

    The Planning Commission

    The Planning Commission members (implements plan):