Exhibit D - Conditions of Issuance

Prior to beginning any activity that will block the travel of vehicles (including bicycles) or pedestrians in the City Right-of-Way, a plan prepared according to the current edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and Virginia Work Area Protection Manual (VWAPM) shall be submitted to and approved by the City Engineering Department.

Once approved the permit and drawings must be on site and available for inspection by City Engineering staff and Police Department. Upon field inspection of the work by said City staff, failure to produce or to abide by the approved plans will result in a summons written to the responsible entity and an order to cease and desist all activities in the roadway immediately or until proper possession of and compliance with an approved permit (including drawings) is achieved.

Failure to comply with City staff instructions may result in additional penalties, civil or criminal, for the individual(s) on the scene.

Emergency activities necessary in the City Right-of-Way may be conducted without an approved permit by notifying the City Engineering Department as well as the Police Department (through LYNCOM) of the location and duration of activities prior to beginning work.  Every effort to comply with the MUTCD and the VWAPM must be made by the entity responsible for the work.

Routine activities being pursued under the guise of emergency activities will be subject to the same penalties described above.

Blanket permit may be issued to a contractor based on a specific section of the VWAPM.  A fee for each location where the blanket permit is to be utilized is required.  The contractor will have to have the blanket permit on site and proof of fee paid. A separate blanket permit will be required for each setup in the WAPM; however multiple setups at a single location can be covered by multiple blanket permits.

City Contractors working for any department are required to obtain permits for all work in the Right-of-Way. No fee will be charged when working on valid City projects.

Contractors or Utility companies working under the franchise agreement are required to obtain a permit for work in the Right-of-Way. No fee will be charged for these permits.