FAQs: Trash Collection System

Q If I pay for my trash collection via my Home Owner’s Association (HOA), will I have the $10 fee on my water utility bill?
A No, if you receive private trash collection through your HOA, you will not be billed. However, if your HOA pays for your City trash collection, they will be billed.
NOTE: The City of Lynchburg, nor its officials are responsible for or have any rights to landlord, property management, or HOA re-allocation of trash disposal billing to tenants.
Q I have two trash carts but only put the second cart out occasionally. Will I be charged $20 each month?
A Yes, you will be charged $20 each month. A cheaper option for occasional use of the second cart is to purchase the City Blue Bags ($2 each). Another option is to take extra waste (no charge up to 500 lbs. of household trash per month—and can be in multiple trips) to the Concord Turnpike Convenience Center at 2525 Concord Turnpike or the Regional Landfill at 361 Livestock Rd in Rustburg. The Center also accepts separated bulk and brush for free from residents.
Q When will residents with two carts (or more) pay more?
A By 2021 citizens will eventually be billed for each cart they have. If you no longer want your extra cart(s), return to Public Works to ensure you are only charged for the cart(s) you are using.
Q When will residents with two carts (or more) pay more?
A By 2021 citizens will eventually be billed for each cart they have. If you no longer want your extra cart(s), return to Public Works to ensure you are only charged for the cart(s) you are using.
Q Some residents recycle, use the free trip to the landfill or have a business dumpster they use for trash collection and don’t put a trash cart out for City collection. Will they be charged the $10 per month anyway?       
A Yes. The fee is for all waste services including residential trash collection, brush, bulk, household hazards waste, pedestrian can collection, the Concord Turnpike Convenience Center, litter programs and the drop-off recycling sites
Q If a citizen lives in an apartment or has trash collected by through their HOA can they use the drop off recycling sites, household hazardous waste collection or the Concord Turnpike Convenience Center.         
A Yes.
Q Can a resident hire a private company to do their trash collection?   
A No. City Ordinance requires participation in City trash collection if you live in a home/apartment/condo that is four units or less. NOTE: You will not be subject to the fee if you pay for private trash collection through your HOA. 
Q Do residents in trailer parks/manufactured homes participate in trash collection?       
A Yes, if the trailer/manufactured home faces a City street, that residence will receive trash collection and be subject to the $10 monthly trash fee.
Q If I own a duplex or a 4-unit building with one water meter what will my fee be?
A The fee will be $10 per meter until Phase 2 in 2021 where it will be based on the number of trash carts at each unit. If you are a landlord with multiple units and have questions, please call Public Works at (434) 455-4450.
Q I own properties at which I use private haulers. Will that property get an increase on the water bill?         
A No, if the property is not currently utilizing City trash collection you will not be charged.
Q When will the new system begin, and why did the City eliminate the trash decals?
A The new system will begin October 1, 2020. There were many factors that led to the decision of adding the monthly fee to water utility bills and to eliminate trash decals. The cost of trash collection and disposal has risen steadily over the years, from fuel to equipment to personnel. Costs also increased once the landfill at Concord Turnpike closed and the trash had to be taken to the regional landfill in Rustburg. In addition to increased costs, a study showed that many cities have moved away from the use of decals and added a fee to existing utility bills instead. This will hopefully be a convenience to residents who will no longer have to purchase decals.
Q  I currently have a 32-gallon trash cart. How do I get a larger, 64-gallon cart?       
A Call the Citizens First Information Center at (434) 856-CITY (2489) to request a larger cart. Depending upon demand, it may take a little while to switch out your cart. We will do our best to be as prompt as possible.
Q Will I be able to set my brush and bulk out together?
A While brush and bulk will be collected in the same week, it is important to keep these piles separate. They will be collected separately and brush is taken to a different location where it is turned into mulch. When the piles are mixed, everything is taken to the landfill. This takes up valuable space in the landfill and also adds to the City’s disposal costs.
Q How often can I set out brush and bulk?
A You will be able to set out brush and bulk once per month. The goal is to be able to sweep through the neighborhoods once per month, thus alleviating piles of brush and bulk lingering for weeks. We appreciate everyone’s help in keeping Lynchburg clean.