Growing Tinbridge Hill



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Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference Project of the Year – Third Place

Growing Tinbridge Hill was developed through a partnership between the Tinbridge Hill Neighborhood, the City of Lynchburg, and numerous area non-profits. In 2013, the City hired Clarion Associates from Chapel Hill, NC to lead neighborhood planning efforts by gathering information, identifying neighborhood assets and needs, developing recommendations and priorities, and compiling this document to help achieve the community’s goals. While a consultant was hired to facilitate the plan’s development, Growing Tinbridge Hill was largely done by and for the Tinbridge Hill Neighborhood as a way to sustain ongoing neighborhood development efforts and foster new neighborhood leaders. The plan was adopted by City Council on March 11, 2014.

As part of the planning efforts, on July 20, 2013, the neighborhood, City, and area partners came together for a Neighborhood Summit to share information, hear ideas, and develop momentum for neighborhood initiatives. A Neighborhood Assessment Report was prepared using information from the Neighborhood Summit, community input, available data and statistics, and a visual survey of all the properties in the neighborhood. Both the Neighborhood Assessment Report and the Neighborhood Summit Report are available in the plan appendices.

From winter of 2015 through spring of 2016, the City of Lynchburg constructed and repaired sidewalks, improved two heavily traveled intersections, and installed crosswalks in Tinbridge Hill through a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Below is the crosswalk that can now be seen at Hollins Mill Road and McIvor Street (almost right over the former train tunnel/current Blackwater Creek Bike Trail)!

The Friends of Tinbridge Hill and the Tinbridge Hill Neighborhood Council continue to meet regularly to continue plan implementation.

If you have any questions regarding the plan, contact the Department of Community Development at 434-455-3900.

Tinbridge Hill Neighborhood Pedestrian Improvements Progress Meeting Presentation