HealthWorks - Employee Clinic


HealthWorks, 2nd Floor, 125 Nationwide Dr., Lynchburg, VA 24502


Monday - Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Friday 8:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m.


Call ahead or set an appointment: (434) 200-6933


Visit the employee clinic for a cough, rash, GI upset, and more. Use of the clinic is FREE to all City employees.

Please call ahead or schedule and appointment to minimize wait time. Same day appointments are available.

NOTE: Bring your City Employee ID or a Photo ID. 

The following are lab tests performed by the clinic:

  • Chem 8/Basic Metabolic Panel
  • Chem 12/Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • CBC
  • CBC with differential
  • Coronary Risk Profile (Lipid panel)
  • Free T4
  • hCG, Quant
  • HCT (Hematocrit)
  • HGB
  • Iron Level
  • Hepatic (Liver) Function Test
  • Throat Culture
  • PSA
  • TSH
  • TSH w/ reflex
  • Urinalysis w/ micro
  • Urine Culture
  • Vitamin D

If an employee requests lab tests to be drawn for his/her PCP or another physician:

  • Employee must bring in a signed order form with:
    • Specific labs listed
    • Name and NPI # of the ordering physician
  • Employee must provide insurance card(s):
    • Enter insurance information onto the lab req form and scan copy of insurance card(s)
    • Enter ordering physician information and attach signed order form
    • Bill ONLY for visit, not for individual labs drawn