Leadership Team

The City Manager appoints Leaders who represent critical areas, including Community Safety, Human Services, Public Works, Economic Development, Community Development, and Human Resources.  The City’s Leadership Team fulfills a global role in the organization which includes:

  1. Planning, executing, and evaluating organization-wide strategies that achieve Council’s vision and goals and important community needs;
  2. Serving as the City’s futurists, responsible for giving the organization its strategic advantage and opportunities; and 
  3. Providing credible, model leadership that creates an organization where people can be successful.

The Leadership Team has the responsibility for developing and executing City Council's priorities in an annual cycle that includes multiple performance years. The planning effort includes: ongoing environmental assessment to identify emerging issues, providing focus and direction for the organization, resource and tactical planning, identifying core strategies and policies critical to organizational success, and determining evaluation methods and linking them to the budget and performance measures systems.

City Manager's Office

City Manager Wynter Benda
Deputy City Manager  Gregory Patrick
Assistant City Manager Kent L. White

Leadership Team Members

Airport Andrew Lagala – Director
City Assessor Jeff Bandy
City Attorney Matthew Freedman
Clerk of Council Alicia L. Finney
Commissioner of the Revenue Mitchell W. Nuckles
Communications & Public Engagement Anna Bentson - Director
Community Development Tom Martin - Acting Director
Economic Development and Tourism Marjette G. Upshur - Director
Emergency Services Melissa Foster - Director
Financial Services  Donna Witt - Chief Financial Officer
Fire Greg Wormser - Chief
Fleet Services Charles Cramer, Jr. - Director
Human Resources Michelle Jackson - Director
Human Services Preston Sellers - Director
Information Technology Tom Williamson - Chief Information Officer
Library Beverly Blair - Director
Parks & Recreation Wyatt Woody - Director
Police Ryan Zuidema - Chief
Public Works Gaynelle L. Hart - Director
Water Resources Timothy A. Mitchell - Director