Lynchburg Regional Airport Commission


To assist the city in planning, organization, direction and administration of the Lynchburg Regional Airport.


Board meets five times a year (January, March, June, August and November) – 4:00 p.m. – Lynchburg Regional Airport Passenger Terminal Conference Room.


Massie G. Ware, Jr., Chair
Ward 1

Dan Deter
Ward 3

Debra Allen
Bedford County

Dennis Marcinik
Ward 2

Janice Crawford
Ward 1

Frank Rogers
County Administrator
Campbell County

Jones H. Stanley
Amherst County

Wynter Benda
City Manager
City of Lynchburg, VA

Mark Elliott
Ward 1



As of 07/01/2022

Liaison - Andrew LaGala, Airport Director: 434-455-6089

Membership - 9 members:  3 Residents/Central VA Region, 5 City Residents; 1 City Manager/designee

The commission shall consist of nine (9) members, all of whom shall be appointed by the Lynchburg City Council and none of whom may be elected representatives of the Commonwealth or any political subdivision thereof.  Three (3) commission members shall be appointed to represent the Central Virginia region, including the City of Bedford as well as the counties of Amherst, Bedford, Campbell and Appomattox and shall be either private citizens or business persons who have an aviation background or who represent businesses that rely heavily on the airport.  Five (5) commission members shall be residents of the City of Lynchburg who are representatives of aviation interests or major users of the airport or the citizenry in general.  The final or ninth (9th) commission member shall be the Lynchburg City Manager or his designated representative.  The City's Airport Director shall attend all commission meetings in order to keep the commission advised of the status of day-to-day operations at the airport as well as future airport planning and service-related issues; however, the Airport Director shall not be empowered to act or vote as a member of the commission.  In addition, the Campbell County Administrator, or his designee, may serve on the commission as an ex officio member and may be one of the three (3) commission members appointed to represent the Central Virginia region.

December appointment

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