Lynchburg Water Resources to Begin Meter Reader Conversion (Beginning Sept. 11)

September 07, 2023

On Monday, September 11, Bitter Creek Construction, contracted by Lynchburg Water Resources (LWR), will begin installing cellular read meters at the following locations during daylight hours:

Battery Street

Cosby Street

Monsview Place

Bedford Avenue

Dearing Street

Pansy Street

Belmond Street

Early Street

Randolph Street

Blackford Street

Graham Street

Rivermont Avenue

Byrd Street

Hemlock Street

Victoria Avenue

Cabell Street

Library Street

Willow Street


As crews from Bitter Creek move into a new area, each resident will be notified by a doorhanger indicating when they may expect their meter to be switched out. The process normally takes approximately 30 minutes. Employees of Bitter Creek will be wearing logoed shirts to identify themselves while conducting the meter work. 

This cellular technology will enable LWR to read meters more efficiently and, at the same time, provide customers with the ability to see real-time water usage data and receive water leak alerts. 

Before their meter is transitioned, residents may sign up at EyeOnWater to check their monthly water meter reading. Once the meter has been switched, customers will be able to monitor their water usage through the app or online and can also receive alerts for possible leaks on their property. These are all FREE services provided to LWR customers.

To learn more about this project and to view a map of the working areas, click HERE.  

For more information, please contact Lynchburg Water Resources at (434) 455-4250.