Midtown Area Master Plan


As part of implementation of the City’s Comprehensive Plan 2002-2020, the City, with planning and design consultant Dover, Kohl & Partners created the Midtown Area Master Plan to provide a detailed analysis of central Lynchburg and a vision for its future. The plan is the result of substantial design charettes and provides detailed renderings for how the area could redevelop as a mixed-use center using traditional neighborhood design techniques. The plan was adopted by City Council into the City’s Comprehensive Plan on October 11, 2005.
The Midtown Connector project, completed in fall of 2016, is a major accomplishment from this plan, providing improved access to Lynchburg General Hospital and midtown Lynchburg, while improving area streets with new sidewalks, crossings, lighting, and street trees.

If you have any questions regarding the plan, contact the Department of Community Development at 434-455-3900.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  Research & Analysis

Chapter 2:  Creating the Plan

Chapter 3:  Cornerstones of the Plan

Chapter 4:  Special Places

Chapter 5:  Transportation Analysis

Chapter 6:  Implementation

Appendix A:  Illustrative Master Plan

Appendix B:  Synchro Traffic Analysis

Appendix C:  Plaza Program Analysis

Appendix D:  Retail Markets & Place-Making

Appendix E:  Understanding Business Location Decision Making

Appendix F:  Federal Funding Sources