NatureNow! Camp

Colorful graphic with pictures of campers enjoying NatureNow! Camp


Nature NOW Camp for your rising 3rd to 5th graders June 20-23 from 8:30 am to noon. Four days of field trips and hands-on outdoor activities with multiple take-home items will make this a fun and creative outdoor camp for students to learn about and protect our land, air, food, energy, and water. Students will meet everyday at the Lynchburg Extension Office (2704 Concord Turnpike) and will travel to different locations to learn about our local land, air, food, energy and water!  Campers will be back at the Office by noon for pickup.

Who: Rising 3rd to 5th graders

When: June 20-23, 2023 from 8:30am-noon

Where: Lynchburg Extension Office (2704 Concord Turnpike)

Cost: $50

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