Building Our Community: Black History Month 2022 Edition

February 01, 2022

We're celebrating Black History Month by honoring the legacy of community builders.

We're drawing our inspiration from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s concept of “beloved community.” Community building can be challenging, especially in the face of massive inequalities. However, it is rewarding work that needs our collective encouragement.

This month, we're taking time to listen to members of our beloved community as they share what community means to them. As you watch our videos this month, please contemplate the two questions that we asked members of our community and what they mean to you:

  1. How have you witnessed community in action in Lynchburg?
  2. What are some ways that we can build a beloved community today?

We will post one video a week during Black History Month on all our social media channels. We hope you can engage with these videos and that they inspire you to have your own conversations discussing our beloved community.


[Video 4] Gloria Preston | Lynchburg City Schools (retired)


[Video 3] Trae Watkins | Grow A Future | Lynchburg, Virginia native


[Video 2] Michelline Hall | Academy Center of the Arts | Lynchburg, Virginia native


[Video 1] Dr. Pat Price | Virginia University of Lynchburg | Lynchburg, Virginia native