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    Public Hearing Re: Rivermont Ave. Property Rescheduled (May 22)

    Due to a scheduling error in the legal notice for the May 8 Rezoning Public Hearing for the properties located at 2001 Rivermont Avenue and 211 Hawes Street, the hearing has been postponed until the Tuesday, May 22, City Council meeting at 7:30 p.m. in City Council Chamber, 900 Church Street.  The City apologizes for the confusion; however, the error was beyond the City and property owners’ control.
    The purpose of the hearing is to address the Petition of Willoughby Properties to amend the Future Land Use Map (FLUM) from Institutional to Traditional Residential and to rezone approximately one and fifty-five hundredths acres from R-3, Medium Density Residential District to R-4, High Density Residential District at 2001 Rivermont Avenue and 211 Hawes Street to allow the conversion of the existing buildings into apartments with associated parking.
    Citizens are reminded that interested persons wishing to speak during this public hearing will be given an opportunity to be heard, and each speaker will be allowed a limited time to offer input. The following rules of procedure are followed: 
    • Each speaker shall clearly state his or her name and locality of residence.
    • For zoning petitions, the applicant or his or her representative shall have ten (10) minutes to make a presentation.
    • Comments will then be solicited from those in favor. 
    • Comments will then be solicited from those in opposition. During the public hearing there shall be a time limit of three (3) minutes for each individual speaker.  If the speaker represents a group, there shall be a time limit of five (5) minutes.  
    • A speaker representing a group shall identify that group at the beginning of his or her remarks.
    • A group may have only one spokesperson.  
    • After public comments have been received for zoning petitions, the applicant or the representative of the applicant, at his or her discretion, may respond with a rebuttal.  
    • There shall be a five (5) minute time limit for rebuttal. 
    Upon the conclusion of public comments or the applicant’s rebuttal, the public hearing will be closed and the matter referred to Council for deliberation.