Oct. 4, 2018 Public Meeting Comments

Comment Summary & Responses from the October 4, 2018 Public Meeting

  Comment Number
1 When will the informational meeting boards be posted on-line? 2 The informational boards are available on the City’s Project Website at: /us-501us-221-intersection-improvements-project
2 Alternative No. 1, Split Intersection, seems to be the best option. 12 Comment received and will be taken into consideration during the alternative development process.
3 Close the north end of Peace Street at US 501 (Old Forest Rd). 2 The traffic analysis indicates the existing configuration of Peace Street at US 221 does not provide adequate capacity to serve as a cut-through from southbound US 501 to westbound US 221.  To prohibit this movement, access to and from Peace Street from either US 501 or US 221 will need to be closed.  Access to and from Peace Street will be addressed during preliminary design, and this comment will be taken into consideration. 
4 What will happen to Billy Craft Building? 2 Future plans for the Billy Craft Building are outside of the scope of this project.
5 Current light is too quick at US501/US/221 intersection 2 Signalization upgrades and improvements will be incorporated into the preferred alternative during the detailed design process. This comment will be taken into consideration.
6 Need a sign when turning onto Breezewood Drive because people turn from the wrong lane 1 Overall signage and safety needs will be developed during the detailed design process for the preferred alternative. This comment will be taken into consideration. 
7 We have difficulty exiting our subdivision at Omega Dr. and 221 1 Omega Drive is beyond the geographical limits of the study area, this project will have no impact on your access to 221.
8 The SB one-way from Old Forest Rd through 221 is good, but should have no signals to stop traffic. Add bridges. 1 Grade separated intersections (bridges) have been one option considered in the study, but Right of Way needs, business impacts, and cost to construct have eliminated them as alternatives able to meet the purpose and need of the project as compared to other alternatives.
9 Comments received from Nat Perrow re: access to parcels 109, 109B, 115, 119, 127 Whitehall Road. Also regarding disposition of previous ROW vacated by the City. 1 These comments have been referred to the City Attorney as the issue is the subject of ongoing/potential litigation.  Please contact the City Attorney for any information regarding these comments.