Performers - IF2023

From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. the International Festival is packed with local and regional entertainment that delights the attendees. From folk, to country, to traditional Latin, Indian, and African performances, the International Festival has the most diverse array of performances in the region!

2023 Performer Lineup

  • Laughing Dragon Kung Fu
  • Dancing Dolls Indian Youth Dance Team
  • Bridgette Jerrels African-American Flag Dance
  • Vicente Gonzalez
  • Randolph College International Student Team
  • Fashion Show: Heritage Connection Gift Shop – Ronnie Schoultz, Owner & Stewdiaw Designs – Traditional African Clothing- Stan Stewart, Owner
  • Fashion Show: Jannett Spearman – Spearman Artisanry
  • Fashion Show: Lynchburg Divas
  • Fashion Show: Schrader Pacific – Toshiya Hibino
  • Mel Parker
  • Lynchburg Salsa
  • Desi Boys
  • Angelina Dawn
  • World of Dance Performing Arts Company
  • Hill City Sliders
  • Garam Masala Dance Team
  • KUUMBA Dance Ensemble feat. Sheron White
  • RISE Rashid
  • MG Experience: All Around the World