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    Rental Program

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    Lynchburg’s Rental Inspections Program

    Residential dwelling and building standards provide protection for citizens and neighborhoods by insuring sub-standard living conditions are reduced.

    In 1993 the City of Lynchburg first adopted the minimum building maintenance and residential rental dwelling standards for properties within the city limits in order to produce thriving, attractive, safe neighborhoods and enhance citizens' quality of life.

    Lynchburg has enacted a Good to Go rental program in the rental inspection districts requiring non-owner occupied rental property owners to comply with existing habitable standards. It is assumed, owners of single or multiple occupied rental properties are Good to Go and are expected to be ready for inspection of all habitable marketed rental dwellings.

    Owner's and tenants, please review the Virginia Tenant Landlord Act, and the Rental Checklist  

    Dana L. Horne, EdS., CZA, ICC-AACE
    Property Maintenance Official – Rental Program Manager
    Community Development ~ Inspections Division
    900 Church Street 
    Lynchburg, VA 24504