Sewer Lining Rehabilitation Scheduled (Beginning Apr. 11)

April 08, 2022

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Beginning Monday, April 11, and continuing for approximately 45 days, Monday - Friday during daylight hours, Lynchburg Water Resources (LWR) will work with Prism Contractors & Engineers to rehabilitate approximately 12,000 linear feet of sanitary/storm sewer pipes and 30 manholes throughout the City via trenchless liner installation methods. The purpose of the project is to protect and improve Lynchburg’s sewer system while helping prevent costly sewer backups, overflows, and digging repairs that can result if left unmaintained.  (NOTE: LWR is asking that personal vehicles and other items be removed from these sanitary and storm sewer areas ahead of time prior to the Monday, April 11 start date.)

Work will take place on or near properties at the following locations: 

2nd Street
3rd Street
5th Street
Alleghany Avenue
Boonsboro Road
Burnt Bridge Road
Cambridge Place
Castle Place
Center Street
Chambers Street

Circle Road
Cranehill Drive
Easley Avenue
Edinboro Avenue
Farmington Place
Florida Avenue
Fort Avenue
Greenhill Lane
Harrison Street
Hawthorne Road

Hickory Hill Drive
Hillview Street
Hollins Street
Hudson Street
Indian Hill Road
Jackson Street
Lakeside Drive
Linkhorne Drive
Long Meadows Drive
Longwood Road

Mimosa Drive
Montgomery Road
Old Forest Road
Orchard Street
Riverside Drive
Rose Lane
Triangle Place
Waverly Place
Wedgewood Road

Residents at these locations may see crews accessing the sewer system through manholes and inlets on or near their property. There should be no disturbance of personal property. Temporary traffic control setups may be expected periodically in several work areas.  

The contractor crews are following social distancing guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and have been instructed on how to perform their work and minimize exposure to COVID-19. 

For more information, call Lynchburg Water Resources at (434) 455-4250.