Snow & Ice Removal

CALL (434) 455-4450

During a predicted snow event, if you or someone you know is...

  • seeking assistance for an elderly or disabled person during the storm
  • needs information on local warming shelters
  • are concerned about an unsheltered individual or family at risk of hypothermia please dial 2-1-1 or visit

How the City of Lynchburg Prioritizes Snow Removal

Priority 1: Clearing of all primary streets and heaviest traffic routes.
Priority 2: Clearing of all collector streets and bus routes.
Priority 3: Plowing of all residential streets if more than two inches of snow exists.
Then . . . City crews work around the clock to handle slick spots and other street problems. Chemicals and abrasives are used only on main routes and bridges as needed.

Helpful Tips for Citizens during the Snow Season

  1. Be Prepared - Equip your vehicle in advance; chains or snow tires are required when streets are covered.  Plan off street parking and alternate routes.
  2. Be Patient - The City will attempt to clear heavy snow from more than 850 lane miles of street as quickly as possible. 
  3. Be Informed - Save work by shoveling driveways AFTER the City plows have passed your residence. Snow removed from driveways and parking lots should not be thrown into the street or onto the sidewalk.  According to City Code, it is the duty of the occupant of every house or lot to have all snow removed from sidewalks or footways within four (4) hours after snow has stopped.  If snow ends during the nights, sidewalks or footways must be cleared by 12:00 p.m. the following day.
  4. Be Cautious - Don't travel unless necessary and exercise extreme caution when doing so. Avoid unnecessary trips
  5. Be Helpful - Pool neighborhood resources.  Consider helping the elderly with grocery shopping, snow shoveling and other chores.
  6. Residents and businesses are required to clear the sidewalk in front of their residence or business by noon the next day after a snow storm. Refer the City Ordinance for details.   

Salt Storage

The City of Lynchburg's salt storage facility is located at 1700 Memorial Avenue. Constructed in 1998, it has a maximum space for 4,000 tons of salt, as well as space for 1,000 bags of flake calcium chloride. The City also has a smaller storage facility located on Graves Mill Road with space for 2,000 tons of salt and 500 bags of flake calcium chloride. Additionally, the City has two 5,000-gallon liquid calcium chloride tanks used for pre-wetting and application of the salt and slag used for snow and ice control.