Stormwater Management

What does the term "Stormwater Management" mean to you? As a homeowner, it might mean keeping your basement dry during a rain storm. As a business owner, it might mean making sure your parking lot doesn't become a lake during a storm. As a developer, it might mean making sure that stormwater doesn't wash dirt into the street from the construction site.

To Lynchburg Water Resources, however, stormwater management means dealing with federal and state regulations; street sweeping; leaf and yard debris collection; ensuring that roadways drain properly; and maintaining several hundred miles of pipes, culverts, and ditches. Therefore, Lynchburg Water Resources provides excellent stormwater service to the citizens of Lynchburg. 

Lynchburg is fortunate to have several pristine water sources, the James River and the Pedlar Reservoir in Amherst County. The ultimate goal of stormwater management is to help maintain these pristine water sources.