Vote to Help Save the Angel at Old City Cemetery (OCC)

Old City Cemetery is incredibly excited about being named one of ten honorees in the Virginia Association of Museums' (VAM) annual Top-Ten Endangered Artifacts Competition!

The beloved "Angel Statue" and grave of two-year-old Emmett Jefferson is in desperate need of conservation through cleaning and stabilizing. The once white marble is now covered in mildew, and the entire monument is leaning and threatening to topple onto the adjacent ledger stone. $1000, the top-prize in VAM's competition, could go a long way in helping protect this special landmark at OCC. That is where you come in!

VAM's competition is set up as an online voting platform, and the artifact with the most votes wins the top prize! OCC needs your help in voting for us and the Angel Statue to help ensure its conservation and protection for years to come!

How to Vote

You may VOTE once every 24 hours from January 11 until 11:59 pm on January 20.

We appreciate all of your support!

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