What Requires a Building Permit

Permits are Required For ...

Permits are required for construction of a new building, shed, deck, additions or renovations to existing structures. Permits are required for small repairs, installation or replacement of heating and air condition units or systems, plumbing and electrical fixtures, demolition or moving of any structure.

Types of Permits Required:

  • Building permit

    • Antennas
    • Building structures
    • Construction trailer or "sales" trailer
    • Detached structures

      • Garages
      • Storage buildings (over 256 square feet)
      • Signs (Listing number from an approved agency when lighted)
    • Fire suppression
    • Land disturbance
    • Re-roofing (commercial only)
    • Swimming pools
  • Electrical permit

    • Electrical installations

      • Permanent
      • Temporary
  • Mechanical permit

    • Fuel gas
    • Heating and air
    • Mechanical installations
  • Plumbing permit

    • ​Plumbing installations
    • Sewer systems
    • Water systems