Winter Weather Info

Please check back often for all of the latest snow/winter weather updates regarding City of Lynchburg services, cancelations, etc.


The City of Lynchburg is anticipating snow beginning in the early evening Saturday into Sunday night. Forecast accumulations have varied but somewhere between 3” and 6” of snow is expected for Lynchburg. Temperatures will remain around or below freezing for the next several days. As a result, snow is not expected to melt quickly and will remain in untreated/plowed areas. 

Lynchburg Public Works is prepared to respond this event and will have crews working 12-hour shifts through the event with spreader and plowing operations conducted as needed. Pre-treatment of roadways began Thursday and will continue Friday as planned. (Download PDF)

Here's How Residents Can Help 

  • Expect icy conditions and stay off roadways, if possible.
  • If you must travel, slow down, take extra time, and watch out for spreaders and plows.

Roadside Parking

  • Many Lynchburg streets are very narrow, cars parked on both sides of an already narrow street leave very little room for plows and slow down clearing of streets.
  • Limit parking in the street.  If you have a driveway – please use it!
  • If off street parking is not available, we also ask that neighbors coordinate and voluntarily park on one side of the street.

Downtown Residents

  • Downtown residents are strongly encouraged to park in the City owned decks on Saturday and Sunday (while they are free) to allow more effective clearing of downtown streets.  
  • If the storm duration and intensity warrant it, we will consider extending free parking in the decks to facilitate clearing of downtown streets.

Street Clearing Priorities During Snow Events

  • Priority 1:  Clearing of all primary streets and heaviest traffic routes
  • Priority 2:  Clearing of all collector streets and bus routes
  • Priority 3:  Plowing of all residential streets if more than two inches of snow exists
  • Then City crews work around the clock to handle slick spots and other street problems. Chemicals and abrasives are used only on main routes and bridges as needed.

SNOW & ICE REMOVAL HOTLINE (during weather events): (434) 455-4450

To receive up-to-date information, citizens are encouraged to sign up for Lynchburg Alerts (select Community Notifications, then General News Releases—you can also select Automated Weather Alerts for National Weather Alert notifications) at